An idle game where your machines will keep printing more and more money without even touching them! The game should take around 30 minutes to beat, but the included element of strategy allows careful planners to reach the end even quicker.

How to play:

  1. Buy a machine from the shop
  2. Place machine on the grid. It will start printing money on its own
  3. Click on a machine to upgrade it


  • Left Click: Buy machine / Upgrade machine on grid 
  • Right Click or R: Cancel placing of a machine / Remove a machine on grid

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(219 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Strategy
Made withUnity
TagsClicker, Idle, Speedrun


Download 19 MB


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23:46 !

what a clever and fun puzzle ! thank you !

my strategy in a montage :


26:32 is my best so far

I didn't know such a simple game could be so fun!

That was fun. Would be interesting to see what kind of optimizations are possible, though trying for super high efficiency sounds as hard as it usually is in a good incremental game. (took me 26:14)

Very cool game

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Ready for the boom?


can u make one that has no "a lot"?

you dont gotta, but it would be something 4 me to do while at home

this is my 2nd fav idle game, but i want more!

great game, i love it

35:02. cute! fun!

Time: 26:05



that was fun


Broccoli, this game has been out for how long now? Since 2020?

I'm generally an anxious person, but especially whenever I'm on the phone. 

I open up Gridle any time I need to be on the phone. Your game is kind of therapeutic, in a way. 

I just wanted to say thank you for being so cool.

Granted, I've never done better than about 30 minutes lol


Thank you very much for the kind words! Love to hear the fact that the game has helped with your anxiety.


Hi ! i got recently back to game development and your game inspired me to create

I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration and to bringing me back once again, at least for a little bit, to game development ❤️


Wow! Thank you! That's amazing to hear that my game has inspired you to create your own. I hope you stick with game development, you certainly have a lot of talent. I checked the game out and you have certainly made a very fun experience.

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This means a lot, specially coming from you ! Your game inspired me to look back at making games, and that’s huge for me.

Please let me know if you have any further thoughts or advise ! And also i’d you want to be part of a special level or tile, it would be an honor.


love your game

Hey, I just wanted to say that I love your game, especially the desing. Althought, I would love if you add an factory upgrade kind of thing, like making the process of making the coin production faster, but if you think this would ruin the game essence, it's fine

for faster production you can play the daily maps ! 
The other one is kind of a sandbox mode :) 

I'm glad you enjoyed it ! 

28:08, cool game

It is a super simple and fun automation game. Speed runs are possible, making it replayable with different strategies and set-ups to get to 1Qa fastest. However, I do believe there could have been more content and maybe game modes.  Overall a nice and decent game.

35:26 on the first try

nice game!


rn i have 20 gen, 4 leeches 1 leader

rn leech gets 25 per 5 cycles si 5$ per sec per sec

now 75 per 

doing the multi leech strat with 4 taskmasters

but 8 leeches instead of 5


Love it

31:32 (first play-through)

Cool minimalistic concept

fun game


37:27 splendid game

this game super fun

31:45 second time

noice, I got 29:59 second time

31:52 first time


A good update would be a Grid enlargment upgrade system
I understand that this isn't super easy to add, but I don't think it would be taking that much time away from you if you work on it at your own pace.

You can also add more "units" I don't have any ideas for types to add, but you can always make a poll list for people to vote here and on social medias, this small game can become larger. It's popularity depends on your effort.

I swear i didnt do it on purpose i just went idle and got the black hole and got this

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ummm.. this is normal?


hol'up how

how the hell my time was like 34:25 and you 1:37


33:47 on first try ez






44 mins, going to try to do a speedrun


simple yet op way to get A LOT


you say that... and this was my build. literally 2 minutes ago i only had like a few billion.


I dont like going too complex, I prefer simple lol

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Here's what I've figured out as far as high level strategy:

Working backwards, you want to get a boss to max level (3b) as soon as possible. To pay for that, you want to get a generator to max level (200m), with the highest value. To max the value, you surround it with 4 task masters, but you need to max the level of the task masters (since they will contribute their own value). The best way to raise the value of the task masters is with leaders.

Here's a more detailed walkthrough of what I do:

Optimal start is generator, upgrade, generator, upgrade, leech. I'm not sure what is optimal after that, but I generally play something like the following to get started. I place a "base" generator in the top left and build off that. Almost all of these other tiles will be replaced though.

After about $40/cycle, I will place one or two catalysts around the "base" generator in the top left. Then it's a slow process to place leeches and upgrade to max level, and place two more catalysts.

I build out the rest of the board, placing max level leeches and adding 5 leaders. 5 seems to be a good balance for cost. Once the board is filled it looks like

The next step is replace the catalysts with taskmasters.

After all four task masters are in place, then I upgrade the leaders to max level (5m).

Then wait, wait, wait for 200m to max the generator (this is two or three minutes of doing nothing). "good" numbers seem to be, you want to have $200m around $1.92m/cycle, and that will jump your income to 8-10m/cycle.

Then place a single boss (20m) (replace any leech), upgrade (50m), and wait, wait, wait for 3b for the final boss upgrade. The game is essentially over at this point, but you have to wait for the boss to double enough. You can speed it up by a minute or two by placing as many other bosses as you can and upgrading to max level (this is what enabled me to finally get sub 24). This is because they normally tick once/5, so if you can stack multiple it will grow much faster.


Things I'm not sure about:

Generators should generally be upgraded as soon as possible, probably.

The end game seems to only require one generator, due to the growth from the task masters, but it seems like you should probably start with more than one generator, to have multiple low level leeches. I generally have the "base" generator in the top left, but I have a secondary generator in the lower right with catalysts that get upgraded to leaders. This seems like it has room for improvement ....

A leader adds +1 to every square on the board, which is +25 by itself. Each max leach will add +25 to that. This is base every 5 ticks, so I'm not sure if it's better to upgrade these first, or if it's better to place task masters first.


Overall this is a fun game, I've probably spent around 20 hours playing, would recommend.

I can vouch for this strategy. I didn't follow it precisely, but reducing my focus on generators, leaning in heavily on leeches & leaders, and maxing out a boss as early as possible got my time down to 26 minutes from the low 30s in a single run.


I can't catalyst the catalyst to catalyst faster and bigger :'(


Very nice game! A couple of possible improvements, from simple-ish to complex. ;)

  1. It would be nice to have level indicators on the machines (e.g. 1/3), and maybe some different indicator (a border?) when it’s maxed.
  2. A way to speed or slow the game down (e.g. 2 cycles per second). It would require the “score” to be in number of cycles though.
  3. Some kind of save system, including current game state and personal high score.
  4. Not trivial, but some kind of leaderboard would be nice.

Even as-is, the game is certainly worth playing.

it could be stored in cycles but converted afterward

maybe something like: You won in 30:00 (1800 cycles)

Really small but super cool game, loved it!

My best time was 24 minutes, but I'm sure you can probably push that down to 20 if you tried hard enough

most OP build

the teal was pink before I switched them

Don't the taskmasters and bosses not buff each other?


yeah, the bosses were leaders (except the middle) and right above and below were taskmaster but turned the other direction until I got the boss to the max level so it could be buffed, then I turned the task masters around and stared switching the leaders out with bosses which I could max out right away cause I was making so much money. if that makes sense lol.

Ahh, I see.

Thank you for this great idle game!
If you want, you can check my full game playthrough here:

35 minutes first time

First try got sub 30 (not by much though)

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I dunno why the game crashed on ending ~25min 

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