An idle game where your machines will keep printing more and more money without even touching them! The game should take around 30 minutes to beat, but the included element of strategy allows careful planners to reach the end even quicker.

How to play:

  1. Buy a machine from the shop
  2. Place machine on the grid. It will start printing money on its own
  3. Click on a machine to upgrade it


  • Left Click: Buy machine / Upgrade machine on grid 
  • Right Click or R: Cancel placing of a machine / Remove a machine on grid

Updated 21 days ago
Published 22 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenrePuzzle, Strategy
Made withUnity
Tagsclicker, Idle, Speedrun


Download 19 MB


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game was fun i look forward to any future iterations


I love this! Can't wait for more updates.

Most of the time i hate idle games but this was fun

Great ending


im not usually a fan of idle games but i couldnt stop playing and actually finished it, its really fun!


Great game.



Took me 36 Minutes which is good. Good game, nice concept. Could you use more in the future to make the game have more variety, like a bigger grid to make better paths to money production and different blocks to help add more to the game while also helping you earn money. Then if you do that just make the black hole more expensive.


Absolutely fantastic and full of great feedback loops!


First try took 40 minutes. 

The concept is neat, and the numbers are definitely tuned for a briefer game. It would make for a potentially interesting larger one, but as this stands, it makes for an amusing enough diversion.


Great game!  I really had fun redesigning my board each time I unlocked a new piece!  First try: 42:15


Realy cool game !


great game.




First try: 38 minutes. Second try: 30 minutes.

Love  the simple idea, love the amount of strategy you could work into this. A+


Cool idea! Took me 35 minutes, so you are spot on with the time :)

Would be cool to see that games scope increased.
And a thing I think would make it much more enjoyable is to have the timer increment every 0.1s, so it feels smoother.

But as it is right now it is a cool little game!